Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lion King!!!

Skyler and I bought our Lion King tickets tonight! I am excited to see my favorite childhood movie in action. I have never gotten to experience the theatrical experience quite like this. We got pretty good aisle seats on the first level. Hopefully all the hype of the theater is worth it. I will put pictures on here after we go that night.

Differences in eating out

Since I am the only male going on our study abroad trip, I probably put more of a priority on the food I eat. Although I need to keep my figure it is not everyday a person gets to go on a trip like this. Before my fellow students and I get to the eating part it is important that we know some of the differences in eating out in the US and the UK. The following are some common differences in eating out between Britain and America that I found spread throughout the internet.

1. First, in Britain going out for a meal almost always marks an important occasion. Here we often go out to try a new dish at our favorite restaurant.

2. In America we are asked if we would like water when we sit down at a table or we ask for it as if it is no problem. In England, water must be requested from your server as if you are needy.

3. Here it is fine to customize your order how you want it. In the U.K. if you order something that is what you get.

4. The food preparation is also much different in the United Kingdom than it is here. In the U.K. a burger is only cooked one way and it is not recommended that you order one. Among other foods there is not near as much of a choice.

5. The views of being a server in the countries are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. In the United States, waiting on tables is regarded as a good job. In Britain, waiters are treated as well and it isn't regarded as highly.

6. In the United States coffee and soft drinks are refilled on the regular. Servers do this in a pro-active method. In the United Kingdom the cost of the bill can add up pretty quick the sooner you finish off a drink.

7. Complaining in the United Kingdom and sending food back does not usually happen. Often the British are too embarrassed to do so and it doesn't look good.

8. The stigma that Americans carry is they take their food with them that they don't finish.

9. Probably the biggest and most obvious difference is tipping. Since American staff does not get a full hourly wage in some cases they need tips. In the United Kingdom tipping is not a necessity and it is normal not to tip.

Dr. Nobiling told us of a place near our motel that serves American food with unlimited refills and the public has the ability to fill up their own drinks. In addition, they have ice machines, which is not the normal across the pond. We were told that many of us will be craving a good soda with ICE and something more American to eat. My wife made this for me awhile back, I think I will be craving it once we return. I will report back with my opinions on the differences in dining out while on my trip. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Loud Americans

I researched some common stereotypes of Americans. It seems that we tend to come off as loud and sarcastic. I will have to remember to keep my voice down and not make any jokes. I will definitely have to pay attention on our trip to how the locals react when we talk around them. It can somewhat make a person paranoid.

The violent stigma Americans carry

It didn't take long for our class to understand the negative stigma Americans have because we can own guns. The idea of guns or even knives to the United Kingdom shows violence at its worst. I can't imagine not being able to have guns even to go hunting. I am most curious to learn about the differing police procedures in the United Kingdom. I think it will be interesting to hear the locals views on guns and how they can feel safe from violence. Wherever you live there is the need to protect yourself from criminals even if they can't have guns.

Friday, April 17, 2015

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring.

The rain this week is getting me prepared for the London weather. I will have to start using my umbrella since it is the normal thing to do there. I hope I have enough clothes for this weather so I can fit in with my umbrella. It will be different since we usually just suffer through the rain here in the states. It never even crosses my mind to use umbrellas here, since not many other people do either.