Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Global interconnectedness and personal responsibility

As I mentioned in my global citizen post, all other countries have either a direct or indirect effect on the United States. It can be a direct effect by a major trade importer has a weakening economy. It can be indirect and as simple as a decrease in a crop from a small country that somehow affects the United States. We also have to be able to pick out the similarities in different countries to see how they are interconnected. We use the same means of communication as one another using social media and electronic devices. Although the real game of football is played here, we all still enjoy the entertainment of our favorite sports teams. Everyone still has to get to work in some way, how we do it may be different. We also share the same goals for our countries and ourselves. Both places value the freedom that each country has to offer. Each country also values the ability to live the life they want to live, and the ability to feel comfortable as a citizen.

I believe it should be everybody's responsibility to travel abroad and be a global citizen. It is important that everyone experiences the different things that cultures have to offer. It is also a responsibility that when abroad we understand the common practices. We need to be able to fit in and be able to respect the citizens of countries we visit. It is important to us that foreign people understand how to fit in when they are in our country. Even more importantly I think everyone should take trips to another country in order to understand how fortunate we are. I have enjoyed two trips to foreign countries, but by the time the trip is over I am glad to back in America. It makes us realize the things that we take for granted on a daily basis. We can also learn many positive things that other countries do and be able to apply those things to our country.

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  1. Bryson, I feel that we both learned a lot from this trip and were able to become more global citizens. As you mentioned, the United States is affected by other countries. The biggest crop I saw while in London was Canola which is used to make vegetable oil. Everyone and every restaurant needs oil in order to cook most things. This is a huge thing because the crop may be an import that the United States needs not only from the UK but also other countries that grow it. It is important to understand that countries do affect each other and I believe we noticed that more while being abroad. Great post!