Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tourist Day

Today was a first full free day and all of the justice studies students took advantage of that time to cross important things off our list. The morning began by making our way to the London Zoo. We spent at least three hours there enjoying the animals and I even got Skyler a pet gorilla (stuffed animal). Then we ventured into the very busy Camden town. Here we ate a small pizza place called Pizza Express. We took a tube after that to the Westminster area and the pier to the Thames River. I thought the best part of the day was going to the London Dungeon. This excursion took us through some of the dark past that London still holds as a remainder of what they don't want to become again. We got our moneys worth since it was a hour and half to complete the whole thing. Many actors portrayed characters of Sweeney Todd, the London Plague, and Jack the Ripper. I thought this was the best part of the day. Finally we went a few feet down the pier to the London Eye. This featured many breathtaking views of the London Area and we could see for miles on end.

I am looking forward to New Scotland Yard tomorrow with Constable Richard Watson. It will very interesting to see everything it has to offer.

This was an interesting tree that fascinated our group.

They had pretty birds in the zoo and many of these animals are interesting to me since my minor is wildlife management.

This was the male tiger that was pacing and watching the female with her cubs.

I took this in line at the London Dungeons. Very interesting things on there.

Views from the London Eye.

Finally, a funny note from our teacher. If you read the first line carefully you will see what I mean. I think my teacher is teasing me too much. (An inside joke from the justice studies department.)


  1. I see the ornithology student is still looking at "birds"! Ha Ha! Very nice photos once again! I need to see that diagram about: crimes punishable by death! I can't begin to read it in your photo, but that's pretty interesting! I'm possibly getting a little jealous that I've never seen any of those things. I never really thought that I would care to go there but now maybe someday I will!!

  2. You should, your not getting any younger! :)