Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What is a global citizen?

The common explanation for a global citizen on the internet is a person who recognizes themselves as a part of the whole world. This is someone that cares not only about the country that they are a citizen of, but also every other country out there. I would describe a global citizen as someone who takes pride in any place they live. They take pride in each country or region for their own ways of life. In order to be a global citizen a person has to take everything into account that affects the entire world. A global citizen should care about all other countries as much as they care about their own.

I would say that I have most of the characteristics that are required to be a global citizen. My study abroad experience has helped that tremendously. Last year my wife and I went on our honeymoon to Saint Lucia, which gives me two international places I have been to. To me those experiences have given me an idea of other cultures and how those countries operate. Everything that countries do has an effect on the United States. I feel a characteristic that makes a person a global citizen is going to other countries and supporting their economies. We can help those countries by supporting them, which in turn helps them to in turn make the world a better place. Since we did so many things that relate to our studies I can always apply those to my future job. I can compare how England operates and try to incorporate those things into my job. I can take into account how Constable Watson described that if an officer shows a gun the retaliation is that much worse. I can keep that in the back of my mind and understand not to use my gun unless absolutely necessary. Now I take more pride in the United States than any country I visit, but that does not necessarily deter me from being a global citizen. That is because I can do my part by visiting other countries and learning the ways they operate.


  1. Your definition of a global citizen is a really good explanation. I guess I look at global citizen a bit differently. Being a global citizen to me is that wherever you go you can learn new things from those places and that knowledge helps you to grow as an individual. I feel that while we were in London we learned many things that like you said we can incorporate in our jobs and careers. Being able to do this will also help us to be more global citizens because we are expanding our views and sharing it with others. I think it is important for people to always spread their knowledge because then every person will always keep growing as an individual and that is important for the whole world to grow and become a better place.

  2. Bryson,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog about what you thought a global citizen was. I can agree with you that a person that wants to be considered a global citizen should invest their times and efforts into all kinds of different issues around the world. Take an average American for example, most of the time they are all about America and the issue that effort America. To me a global citizen needs to have a very open mind because there are so many different cultures in the world that would be explored while becoming a global citizen. It is awesome that you have had two different experiences with different cultures that will now make an impact in your personal and professional life! Also a global citizen has to be a well rounded person as a characteristic. I believe by traveling to London like we have, has been a introduction to the adventure to become a global citizen if we wanted to!